Finished! DMC Spring Cycle (with colour change)


Finishing a piece is a wonderful feeling. Weeks (and sometimes months) of hard work come together. You’ve visualised the end result but there’s nothing quite like seeing it in the flesh.

Stitching this one wasn’t particularly relaxing, for two reasons…

Colour change

spring-cycle-originalIt was my first time doing a major colour change. The bike was green and pink and I wanted burgundy – the finished piece is a gift for my mum who has a vintage burgundy bike. It was hard to tell how the substituted colours would turn out.

Tatty Teddy back-stitch

Oh. My. Word. This was my first Tatty Teddy kit and I’m afraid it will be my last. I’ve been stitching less than a year so am still learning what I enjoy (or not).

I kind of knew that I don’t particularly like stitching back-stitch. Now I’m well aware that I really don’t like it! I love the end result, but I hate having to do the stitching, and Tatty Teddy has a lot of it! Apparently I’m far from the first person to stumble blindly into Tatty Teddy back-stitch hell.


Still, it was all worth it in the end as I’m delighted with the finished piece. As usual, framing adds the finishing touch.


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