Is this love?

For the first time in my stitchy life, I love one of my current projects. Really love it. I get true joy out of every part of the design as it comes together. Every stitch is fun.

I’ve been thinking about this lately as – also for the first time – I’m not enjoying another WIP, and it’s brought the importance of doing projects you love into sharp relief.

When I started stitching I had no idea how long projects take. In today’s world of instant gratification, completing something that takes weeks – if not months – is starting to feel quite alien. I plan to write a post about guesstimating project completion times as (1) I think new stitchers would find it useful and (2) I’ve already learned that the fun and relaxation soon die when you’re under pressure to complete a gift!

From now on, I’m going to be far more discerning about the projects I choose to do. No more impulse buys after a few seconds thought. I’ll look at a chart or kit and ask myself, “Is this love?”

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