Update: DMC Spring Cycle worries


I’m about half-way through the cross-stitch on this one. I have mixed feelings about it as (1) I’ve got issues that are entirely my own fault for changing some of the colours! and (2) I’ve had a couple of niggly issues with the kit.

It’s my first time doing a major colour change which, it turns out, has opened a can of worms..!

My current worry is the back-stitch (which I haven’t started yet). I’ve changed the bike frame to burgundy and the tyres to a dark grey. However, the original back-stitch on the bike is grey, so won’t show up well on the tyres. I could change it to black, but Tatty Teddy won’t look right back-stitched in black. I’m going to try a dark grey – darker than the one in the kit and slightly darker than the tyres, but not as harsh as black. I think I’ll need to do Teddy’s back-stitch in the same colour…

Do I regret changing the bike to red? Not yet. It’s a present for my mum who has a vintage burgundy bike. But, I am discovering that changing some colours has knock-on effects later on!

Then, minor kit niggles:

  1. I’ve run out of DMC 415. Not just by a little – I’m probably only a third of the way through the masses of light grey in this design and have about 700 stitches to go. I’m guessing I got a faulty kit with some of this particular thread missing – I’ve contacted DMC.
  2. The greys on the road and Tatty Teddy don’t match between the chart/threads and the photo on the packaging. On the chart there are two greys (DMC 415 and 318). 415 is used for the road and the lighter grey on Teddy (e.g. his tum). 318 is used for the shadows under the bike and Teddy, and for the rest of Teddy (e.g. the outer part of his tum and the bottom of his feet). However, in the photo on the packet the shadow is far darker than Teddy’s feet. There’s a difference between the two areas of light grey too, but it’s more subtle.

All in all, it’s not quite as relaxing as projects normally are but I’m sure it’ll still look good in the end.

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